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Course Contents

1. The role of museum in community 2. The Cultural Policies Related to Heritage (Case Study) 3. Types of Museum4. Major Units of Museum 5. Museums as a Psycho- geographic Terrain 6. Display in Museums 7. Marketing & Public Relations 8. Main Features of the Marketing Strategy 9. Visitor Support Programs 10. Artist Education 11. Preservation & Restoration 12. Curatorial Department 13. What is a Catalogue? 14. Specialized Catalogues

Course Synopsis

The aim of this course is to create awareness in the student about the working of a museum, its importance in society, and its role in educating the public. It will enable students to learn about catalog making through research, preservation and conservation, and aspects of marketing as well.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will learn how civilized societies are employing museums as tools of knowledge of anthropology, arts, politics, and history.

Types of Museums - 1

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Types of Museums - 2

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Book Title : Lahore Museum (A Guide)
Author : Hafeez Akhter
Edition : 1ST. Published in 1999
Publisher : lahore museum publication

Book Title : Museology and Museum Problems in Pakistan
Author : Dr.Saif Ur Rahman Dar
Edition : 1ST. Published in 1981
Publisher : New Fine Printing Press

Book Title : Development of Museums in Pakistan- Prospectus and Problems
Author : dr. Saif Ur Rahman Dar
Edition : Edition: 1 1981
Publisher : New Fine Printing press

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