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Course Contents

Introduction of Calligraphy, History of Advertising Naskh, Calligraphy (letters ا-ے, Join letters ا-ف), Use of Qalam, Introduction of Ibn-e-Maqla

Course Synopsis

The purpose to introduce this course as a minor subject for BFA part 2, students is to enhance the knowledge about Muslim art with practical form

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will explore calligraphy script with Qalam, Advertising Naskh

Introduction of calligraphy and advertising Naskh. Practice its alphabets with Qalm

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Book Title : : The Splendor of Islamic Calligraphy.
Author : Abdelkebir Khatibi
Edition : Revised
Publisher : Thames & Hudson
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Book Title : Allama Bil Qalam : Arabic calligraphy in Pakistan
Author : Allama Bil Qalam : Arabic calligraphy in Pakistan
Edition : : 1st
Publisher : Consulate General of Pakistan
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