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Course Contents

1 Climate change, Physical science basics • Brief history of notable climate events 2 Green house effect and global warming • Sources and sinks of GHG gases • Global carbon cycle • Carbon footprint assessment 3 Climate sensitivity and feedbacks • Cloud, water vapor and lapse rate • Sea ice • Ocean heat uptake and ocean circulation • Terrestrial hydrology and vegetation • Atmospheric chemical • Biogeochemical 4 Introduction to climate models and scenarios • Future scenarios  Emission scenarios  Alternative scenarios • Modelling tools  Regional Climate Models (RCM)  Global Climate Models (GCM)  Empirical statistical downscaling models 5 Response to climate change • Identifying emergent risks and key vulnerabilities • Climate resilient pathways  Adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development • UN and IPCC on climate change • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) 6 Climate change in Pakistan • Impacts of climate change in Pakistan • Extreme weather events • Adaptation and climate-related disaster mitigation in Pakistan

Course Synopsis

This course introduces the students to the physical science base on climate change and lays the foundation for analyzing the impacts of climate change and adaptation techniques, which is essential for academics as well as practitioners, and policymakers at all levels. The course also would equip the students to quantify climate-related emerging risks and vulnerability, and then work on proposing climate-resilient pathways.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students should be able to understand climate predicting techniques, develop and judge measures to adapt to climate change; evaluate and assess arguments on impacts and adaptation They would be able to focus on climatic issues and its solutions to achieve the goal of sustainable development. The students could serve as valuable contributors in national climate risk assessments, adaptation strategy development and policy frameworks, by joining EPA, PMD, PDMA, Agriculture department, etc.

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