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Course Contents

• Recent Approaches in Human Geography • Scope, status, o Significance, domains, • Historical development of Human Geography • Concepts and Philosophies in Human Geography: o Determinism o Possibilism o Probabilism o Cognitive behavior o Inductive Generalization o Deductive and systematic approach, man environment relationship • Environmental perception, management, and anthropogenic actions o Impact of population growth and change o Urbanization o World economic patterns o World Political Systems o Cultural patterns • Human development – the Welfare Approach Lab work outline Small Projects to explore the present and future trends of several environmental perception, management, and anthropogenic actions.

Course Synopsis

To evolve critical thinking amongst students on current issues related to physical phenomena on the earth. It will also facilitate the students to identify and utilize the physical resources for the betterment of the community.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to understand the physical phenomenon in relevance to climate change and environmental degradation from local to global scale or vice versa. Students will get an opportunity to execute their knowledge about physical geography in different institutes or agencies dealing with planning and mitigation strategies.

Approaches to Human Geography

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Approaching human geography : an introduction to contemporary theoretical debates

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Title : Approaching Human Geography: Towards New Approaches in Human Geography?
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