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Course Contents

Unit 01: Understanding a 'Policy' • Understanding Policy • Elements of Policy • The Policy Cycle and Process Unit 02: What is Social Policy • Evolution of Social Policy • Scope of Social Policy • Theoretical Principles and Concepts, • Traditional Theories of Welfare • Contemporary Theoretical Perspectives Unit 03: Policy Analysis: Feminist Perspective • Definition, Significance and process • Need for Feminist Policy Analysis • Frameworks of Policy Analysis Unit 04: Gender Analysis of Social Policy • Gender neutral policies • Gender blind policies • Gender Aware /sensitive Policies • Process of Gender Analysis • Frameworks and Tools of Gender Analysis • Sex Disaggregated Data Unit 04: The Politics of Social Policy, a Theory or Practice • Issues of Legitimacy in Social Policy • Practical Implications of Social Policies through Gender Lens • Gender Analysis of various social Policies • Income, employment, care and family Policies Unit 06: Gender Budgeting • Concept and Definition of Gender Budgeting • Tools of Gender Budgeting • Gender Analysis of Budgets

Course Synopsis

The course reflects extensive social changes in women’s participation at work, education and political participation. It also reflects policy changes aimed at producing a mixed economy of welfare, increasing family responsibility in health, community care, housing education and income security. It examines the changing pattern of welfare provision, with increasing reliance on women’s unpaid work, the gendered nature of welfare structures, the continuing dependence of women on men’s income and on welfare benefits, the public private divide, and the legal frameworks with gender dimension.

Course Learning Outcomes

After completing the course, the students will be able to: • Understand the process of social change from a gender perspective • Understand the policy process, its significance and need for feminist policy analysis framework • Comprehend economic and social policy

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