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Course Contents

- Introduction to creative writing. - Importance of Research Methodology. - Aim of the subject. - Types of Research writing (1) Qualitative, (2) Quantitative. - Creative writing and the subject of Fine Arts. - Explanation of Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, & Persuasive Writing. - Importance of Styles of Documentation. Brief introduction to different styles (1) CMS (2) APA (3) MLA (4) CBE. - How to select a topic for Creative Writing. - What is Hypothesis\Claim, Literature Review. - Kinds of Sources for Data Collection. - Importance of Source Citation. - Taking Notes. - Use of Footnotes and Endnotes. How to write them in CMS style. - Difference between quoting, paraphrase and summary. - Bibliography. How to write bibliography and references in CMS style. - What is Plagiarism? And how to avoid it. - Creative Paper Writing (1500 words).

Course Synopsis

This is an assignment-based course in which students will learn creative writing skills within the parameters of Research Methodology.They will learn the skills to incorporate their ideas textually. They will learn how to creatively express themselves through persuasive writing and to write about their artwork. Students will write reviews after visiting exhibitions and museums to learn how to write about art objects.Class tutor will conduct regular tests and assignments in the class room so that students can comprehend the requirement of the course.

Course Learning Outcomes

The aim of this course is to equip art students with the skills of creative writing. This course enables students with the ability of exploring various forms of writing related to the subject of Fine Arts. Assignments and writing exercises on weekly bases will enhance student’s knowledge of academic scholarship. This course will prove as a base for student’s future research writing.

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Book Title : Writing Research Papers: A Norton Guide
Author : Melissa Walker
Edition : 4
Publisher : WW Norton & Company

Title : Chicago Manual Citation Style: 16th Ed.
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Title : Weekly Planner - Creative Writing-III
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