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This course includes the following topics: 1. Introduction to the Region South Asia 2. Paleolithic Age 3. Mesolithic Age 4. Neolithic Age 5. Indus Valley Civilization 6. Mauryan Dynasty 7. Shunga Dynasty 8. Kushan Dynasty 9. Andharan Dynasty 10. Gupta Dynasty 11. Post - Gupta Dynasty 12. Medieval Period 13. Sultanate Period in North India 14. Sultanate Period in Deccan 15. Introduction to Mughal Period 16. Mughal Miniature Painting 17. Mughal Architecture

Course Synopsis

The History of Indian Art and Architecture focuses on the works of art and architecture produced in the Indian subcontinent, which is now divided among India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This course includes the study of various forms of art produced in this land ranging from painting, sculpture, pottery and minor arts to architectural structures and surface decoration. It is based on the analytical study along with the study of influences.

Course Learning Outcomes

The aim of this subject is to introduce the students to the art and architecture of Indian continent. The objective of the course is to briefly create an awareness of the past and present of art and culture of their own region.

Ajanta Cave paintings

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Ajanta Caves and its hidden Treasures

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Title : The Art of Ajanta Caves
Type : Presentation

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Title : Weekly Planner - History of Indian Art & Architecture-III
Type : Other

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