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 Introduction to Islamic Art and Architecture • Historical Bckground  The Early Islamic Period • Umayyads (Religious and Secular Architecture) • Abbasids (Evolution of Book Illustration)  Mongols (Early Persian Painting and Art of Book)  Timurids (Sheraz School and Heart School and their important illustrated books, Behzad and his artworks)  Safavids (Important illustrated books, Reza-e-Abbasi and his artworks)

Course Synopsis

Students will study basic information about the Art and Architecture from Islamic dynasties. The course aims at creating an awareness of paintings executed under Muslim rulers with diverse subject matter. Through this course students will learn evolution of the art of book illustration and an overview of surface decorations on important buildings of Muslim dynasties.

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Book Title : Arab Painting (Treasures of Asia)
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Title : Weekly Planner - History of Islamic Art & Architecture-II
Type : Other

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