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Over view of following topics: 1. Early Christian Art 2. Renaissance 3. Baroque Art 4. Rococo Art 5. Neo Classicism 6. Romanticism

Course Synopsis

For the convenience of students, selected artists are focused with reference to each movement for the comprehensive understanding of styles and characteristic features. The list of artists is provided herewith: 1. Early Christian Art 2. Renaissance i) Proto-Renaissance a) Giotto ii) Early Renaissance a) Masaccio b) Donatello iii) High Renaissance a) Leonardo b) Michelangelo c) Titian (Introduction of Venetian School) 3. Baroque Art a) Rubens b) Rembrandt 4. Rococo Art a) Watteau 5. Neo Classicism a) David b) Ingres 6. Romanticism a) Delacroix b) Goya

Course Learning Outcomes

The course of History of Western Art is spread over two years so that the students of visual arts have knowledge about the various styles of painting and their cause of evolution in the western lands because the art in Pakistan have a great influence from them. The course covers the period from Early Christian art to the evolution of Romanticism. It gives understanding of the styles of important artists and the techniques they employed. Frequent class tests and presentation will enhance students’ knowledge of Art in the West. The focus will be on movement with reference to the works of the important artists.

Ealry Christian Era

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Titian (Introduction of Venetian School)

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Jacques Louis David

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Title : Weekly Planner - History of Western Art-II
Type : Other

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Title : 1. Early Christian Art
Type : Presentation

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Title : 2. Renaissance with reference to Giotto
Type : Presentation

View 2. Renaissance with reference to Giotto

Title : 3. Masaccio
Type : Presentation

View 3. Masaccio

Title : 4. Donatello
Type : Presentation

View 4. Donatello

Title : 5. Leonardo da Vinci
Type : Presentation

View 5. Leonardo da Vinci

Title : 6. Michelangelo
Type : Presentation

View 6. Michelangelo

Title : 7. Titian
Type : Presentation

View 7. Titian

Title : 8. Baroque Art
Type : Presentation

View 8. Baroque Art

Title : 9. Peter Paul Rubens
Type : Presentation

View 9. Peter Paul Rubens

Title : 10. Rembrandt
Type : Presentation

View 10. Rembrandt

Title : 11. Rococo Art & Watteau
Type : Presentation

View 11. Rococo Art & Watteau

Title : 12. Neo-Classicism & David
Type : Presentation

View 12. Neo-Classicism & David

Title : 13. Ingres
Type : Presentation

View 13. Ingres

Title : 14. Romanticism
Type : Presentation

View 14. Romanticism

Title : 15. Eugene Delacroix
Type : Presentation

View 15. Eugene Delacroix

Title : 16. Francisco Goya
Type : Presentation

View 16. Francisco Goya