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Course Contents

• Introduction to Fashion and Textiles Processes • Introduction to Personal Planning for Thesis Research • Critical and Contextual Research • Thesis topic Selection, Research Boards, Mood Boards, Color Boards and Brain Storming. Thesis Proposal/ Introduction • How to research Thesis Topic • How to present Thesis topic • Main objectives of a presentation • Start of Design Development • Photography for Thesis • Personal Developmental planning and original research leading to a meaningful outcome • Oral presentations of research: Thesis Synopsis Approval, Abstract of Thesis, including the bibliography, Mini Thesis Presentation to be marked as Mid Term Exam (covering all the process work till mini thesis) Final Thesis Presentation. • Presentation on Introduction to Thesis Topic • Presentation on Significance and Importance of selected Thesis Topic • Presentation on Research Methodology of Thesis • Presentation on design development of Thesis • Presentation on conclusion • Final Presentation (Complete Thesis Process and Development with conclusion anf findings) • Examines the issues and provides practical experience in the preparation and mounting of dress items, accessories, and flat textiles for exhibition. • Skills include sketching, historical research, analysis of apparel structure, draping techniques, customizing of mannequins to accommodate historic style and size variations, and specialized supports.

Course Synopsis

• The aim of this module is to introduce students with diversity of textile production and consumption. • It is also to assist them in their project development through introducing various resources (guest lectures). • The course will introduce the student to the importance of research and the design process, along with the practical disciplines of textile processes. • This presentations and project-based seminar is a pioneering multi-disciplinary course to foster a critical and analytical viewpoint of the nature and context of smart textiles design. • Textiles concept will be contextualized by in-depth critical readings and discussions. • Weekly meetings, guest lectures, and critical readings augment the independent study to enhance the student’s ability to analyze their work and its relevance to contemporary culture and art.

Course Learning Outcomes

• The students will know the role of Textile Designer. • Expose students to potential of textiles in various fields of use. • Introduce students to various professions for textile designers. • Students meet with practitioners and know their work methods to realize the practical aspects of the career • This course will introduce students to forecasting and its use by the creative design industries with the aim of developing an intuitive and intellectual approach to predicting future fashion and interiors trends through their textile thesis projects. • Gain a thorough insight into many aspects of textile development including fabric printing, embroidery and embellishment, dyeing and mixed-media textiles. • Be encouraged to push the boundaries of how textiles are created and used on the body. • Work on ‘live projects’ and have the opportunity to take up work placements that will give you first-hand experience of the industry. • Have your own work and display space in spacious, well-equipped studios • Be encouraged to enter competitions. • Focus on your own personal design statement in your final year, which will culminate in your collection being shown at the Thesis Degree Show. • In-depth critical readings and discussions. • Throughout the term, the students will present related research on new materials, methods, and projects. • This course is structured around weekly meetings, visiting artists/scholars, historical research and critical readings augmented with independent study to enhance the student's ability to analyze their work and its relevance to contemporary culture and art.

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Book Title : Textile and Fashion (Material & Design Technology)
Author : Rose Sinclair
Edition : 1 st Edition
Publisher : Wood-head Publishing

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