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Course Contents

Manufacturing specification: 1- Design inspiration: relevance to focus area, justification of creative and innovative design, relationship to historical, cultural or contemporary factors and communication techniques. 2- Research Boards, Mood Boards, Developmental Work 2- Visual design development: aesthetics and functionality (Sketches, Painted Designs, Fabric Samples) 3- Written description (Thesis Process Report) • Product drawings and pattern making: front and back views, pattern shapes. • Technical production plans: fabric swatches, quantity of material, total cost and order of construction. • Technical Drawings of Furniture/Panel (on-scale) • Presentation and Display of Work

Course Synopsis

• Use symbolic imagery to convey ideas. • Awareness of advanced studies offered in Textile art. • Research sources for ideas in planning Textile Thesis. • Explore ideas through sketching, brainstorming, and research. • Produce works of art that demonstrate control of various art media in textiles. • Develop skills/techniques necessary for effective visual communication. • Project will be one of the following: apparel, furnishing, textile art, costume, non-apparel. • Presentation: Communicate and Critique • Effectively discuss and evaluate artwork based on the 4-step critique process (description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation). • Evaluate and recognize relationships between art and cultures. • Develop communication skills about the art process • Interpret and Utilize artistic styles in the inspiration/creation of original work.

Course Learning Outcomes

• Submission, display and marking of half the total amount of work required in Textile Thesis. • No. of assignments required till mini: 35 sketches, 25 painted designs and 20 fabric samples. • Incomplete submission results in deduction of marks or even failure. • If the student has not passed Mini-Thesis she cannot appear in Final thesis unless the Mini thesis exam is cleared.

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