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Course Contents

• Development of surface rendering techniques to illustrate clear use of materials in design illustrations • Acquire skills to create links between a garment and an image to observe how does a garment takes its inspiration from different visual elements • Figure drawing: Study of skull, hands, feet and portraits • Study of different postures of human figure • Still Life • Landscape/ City Scape • Fabric/material rendering and development of fashion figures • Placement of textile design into an apparel on a fashion figure • Human proportions Study of proportions of human Skeleton • Observation of large forms • Full figure drawing in scratching technique • Full figure drawing in geometrical plains and angles • Silhouette drawing • Full figure drawing in various mediums • Quick sketching exercises

Course Synopsis

• Develop visual perception as it pertains to translating 3D form on a 2D surface. • Accurately represent form and volume both simple and complex using observation in a spatial context. • Develop proficiency and awareness in composition as it pertains to drawing. • Develop proficiency in the use of line, value, shape and surface texture as it pertains to light logic. • Students explore different drawing tools according to effect. • To give solution to the shaping problems. • This is primarily a hands on studio course providing the student with weekly drawing problems and practice. Class work will consist of critiques, warm up exercises, and longer sustained drawings from observation. • Drawing from observation is manifested with the class working from still-life materials and set-ups. This structure is rigorous and encourages skill building through practice and repetition. Class-work will be supplemented with lectures and demonstrations. • Learning of implementation of principles of exaggeration to a human figure and to produce skillful fashion illustrations

Course Learning Outcomes

• Students simplify complexity of realistic drawings through abstraction • Students understand conversion of natural forms into textile patterns • Students attain an appropriate level of drawing skills to use different paint mediums • Emphasis is placed on developing basic techniques for proportioned croquis and rendering the figure, fashion styles and fabrics in pencil and color, as well as the method of drawing flats used in fashion design. • Emphasis is placed on advanced techniques for croquis rendering and the figure in motion, fashion styles and fabrics, as well as flats used in marketing fashion to the retail trade.

how to draw trees in pen and ink

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