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This course lays the foundation for the study of fashion marketing and merchandising. • Aspects of marketing of textile products include: product planning, place and distribution channels, price structure, promotion strategies, product life cycle and target market. • This course is designed to increase the student's knowledge of fashion products in the market. Areas of production, content, use, value, durability, versatility, care and the price of goods will be evaluated. • Students will also develop a business plan, project budget, a branding identity and a web presence by the end of the course. • Students study basic tools of marketing, Customer Value and Satisfaction, Consumer markets and buying behavior, Analyzing the marketing environment, Strategic Market planning and the Marketing Mix 4 P’s.

Course Synopsis

Understanding principle concepts: Fashion, Style, Marketing and Merchandising. • Relationship between the technical & aesthetic requirements of a product • How styles are interpreted in fashion • Importance of Research in Fashion Retailing • Types of research: Market Research and Trend Research • Identifying, understanding & segmenting of target market based on:Geographical location, Age Group, Profession, Standard of living, Lifestyle, Cultural/Religious/Political Associations, Personal style & sense of dressing. • Brand Image & Design Philosophy of various International & Local fashion companies. • Role of Fashion Forecasting: Color predictions, Fabric texture & pattern predictions, Silhouette & details predictions. • What is textile marketing: Building customer satisfaction through quality, service and value; The customer and product consumption; Analyzing marketing environment; Strategic marketing planning; Marketing research and product information; Marketing objectives and Introduction to marketing mix (4Ps). Placement and fashion/textile channels: International marketing; Finance – cost, revenues, and profit; Human resource development – people in organizations.

Course Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes • To provide knowledge of the history of marketing activities and evolution of modern marketing concepts. • To heighten awareness of the interaction between business and society as it relates to marketing activities. • To expand and help in the understanding of marketing vocabulary. • To develop an understanding of basic marketing activities and ways that marketing relates to other business activities. • To provide a framework for developing marketing strategy and a working understanding of tools and tactics useful in developing marketing strategy.

Introduction to fashion marketing

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4P's of Marketing

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Fashion Marketing Basics

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Fashion and Textile terminologies

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Fashion Marketing

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Zara case study

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Fashion Branding

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Consumer Behaviour

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Book Title : Principles of Marketing
Author : Philip Kotler
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Book Title : Fashion: from concept to consumer
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Book Title : Fashion Buying
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Title : Marketing Segmentation
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Title : Fashion Marketing
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Title : Fashion Trend Analysis
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