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Course Contents

Week 1 Definition of Education The Aims of Education Nature and Scope of Education Elements of Education Week 2 The ideological foundations of education The Islamic foundation (objectives) in light of the Quran and the Hadith The Islamic concept of peace The interaction of other religions with Islam in an Islamic state The roles and expectations of the teacher Week 3 The philosophical foundations of education The nature, scope, and function of the philosophy of education The role of educational philosophy Main philosophical thoughts or schools of thought Idealism Realism Pragmatism Reconstructionism Week 4 Educational Philosophies Philosophical theories in education • Perennialism • Essentialism • Progressivism • Existentialism Week 5 The psychological foundations of education Relationship of Psychology and Education The behaviourist perspective on education The Cognitive Perspective on Education Week 6 The Psychological Foundations of Education The constructivist perspective on education The social cognitivist perspective on education The humanist perspective on education Instruction, learning process, and assessment strategies in light of the psychological perspective Week 7 The sociological foundations of education The functionalist perspectives on education The conflict perspectives on education The interactionist perspectives on education Week 8 Historical Foundations of Curriculum The Colonial Period The education system before the British invasion of the subcontinent Darul Uloom Deoband Darul Uloom Nadwat-ul-Ulma Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College Midterm Week 9 Historical Foundations of Curriculum The National Period • Post-independence developments and challenges in education • The emergence of the existing education system and the forces that caused it • The state of elementary education • The state of secondary education The state of tertiary education and the role of the HEC The influence of the 18th amendment on education and thereafter Week 10 The State of Education in Pakistan Religious conditions and Education Social Conditions and Education Economic Conditions and Education Psychological Conditions and Education Historical Conditions and Education Week 11 Pakistan’s education system (in light of education policies) Educational Conference 1947 National Education Commission 1959 National Education Policy 1970 Week 12 National Education Policy 1972-1980 National Education Policy 1978 National Education Policy 1992 Week 13 Constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan 1973 (37-b) National Education Policy 2009 National education Policy Framework 2018 Week 13 Practices of Education in Pakistan Introduction to Various Practices of Education in Pakistan Connecting Practices to Educational Foundations Week 14 Challenges and Prospects of Education in Pakistan The Islamization of Knowledge Low literacy rates High dropout rate Implementation and continuation of educational policies Gender disparity Week15 Political Involvement Segregation in the education system Uniform System of Education Out of School Children Quality of Education Skill based Higher Education Week16 Final Examination

Course Synopsis

The purpose of this course is to help Student Teachers recognize the worth of the foundations of education, and examine their role and significance in the whole process of education in Pakistan. Student Teachers will develop a comprehensive understanding of the terms foundations and education in light of the various ideological, philosophical, psychological, sociological, and historical perspectives that have influenced education. Foundations are essentially basic ways of thinking about schooling and the formal processes of education. The course will inform them about the influence of social forces, such as politics, social structure, culture, history, and economics, on the selection of content, the methods of teaching, and the aims of education. Student Teachers will examine the classical and contemporary philosophical perspectives on education, the significance of societal culture and its social structure in education, and how education in return strengthens both, as well as the significance of psychology in the teaching-learning process.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, Student Teachers will understand the following: • the concepts of foundations and education • the influence of the disciplines that constitute the foundations of education on educational thought and practice • the interaction of the social, political, and economic structures of Pakistani society • how social structure and culture cause individual action • how these structures and cultures interact with the disciplines of the foundations and actually bear on instruction. Student Teachers will be able to: • differentiate between the various schools of thought that have influenced education on the whole and education in Pakistan in particular • explain the idea of education and the social and philosophical influences on it • evaluate the social structure of Pakistani society and the role of education in strengthening it.

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