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Introduction of commercialization: Concept of commercialization, History, Idea about productivity and profitability, Commercialization scenario in respect of world. • Techniques used in commercial application: Concept about different techniques, Marketing survey, Idea of demand and supply, Selection of most appropriate product. • Micropropagation: Definition, Stages of micropropagation, Production of disease free plants, Different methods of virus elimination, Technical problePh encountered in micropropagation. • Green House and Glass house management: Definition, Conditions of Green and glass house, Temperature maintenance, Media selection for acclimatization of micro plants, Fertilizer management, Insecticide and pesticide management. • Cell Suspension Culture: Introduction, Isolation of single cell, Types of suspension culture, Culture medium for cell suspension, Measurement of growth, Application of cell suspension culture. • Production of different secondary metabolites by suspension culture: Introduction, Types of different secondary metabolites, Production methods Of Shikonin, Berberine, Rosmarinic acid, Indole alkaloids, Taxol and different other flavours and dyes, • Mass production by Bioreactors: Introduction, Properties of plant cell culture in relation to mass culture, Historical development of bioreactors, Design and characteristics of Bioreactors, Types ,Important types ,Bioreactors for different plant tissue cultures. Practicals 1. Aseptic techniques 2. Sterilization of glassware,media,cultureroom,inoculation room. 3. Preparation of tissue culture media 4. Initiation and maintenance of callus 5. Culture of different explants-leaf, node ,internode, shoot and root tip 6. Cell suspension culture 7. Isolation, purification and culture of protoplast

Greenhouse and glasshouse management

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• Production of different secondary metabolites by suspension culture:

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Mass production by Bioreactors:

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cell suspension culture

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techniques and concept of commercializatio

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Book Title : Plant Tissue Culture. Theory and practices
Author : Bhojwani, S.S. and Razdan, M.K
Edition : 1996
Publisher : Elseveir Science B.V.Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Book Title : Introduction to plant tissue culture.
Author : Razdan, M.K.
Edition : 2003
Publisher : Science Publishers inc. Enfeild, New Hampshire,USA.

Title : Cell suspension culture
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Title : micro
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