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The introduction to Building services and systems is vital for incorporating the right systems in the buildings by the architects. The attributes of an enclosed built environment is more than providing the occupants with shelter. For a fully functional building, that provides a suitable, safe and comfortable environment to its users, the knowledge of building services allow the Architects to make the right decisions in their design phase. Building services and systems act as the main brain for controlling the functions of the building. It includes the design, fabrication, installation, monitoring and operation of MEPFFT (Mechanical, Electrical, Public Health, Firefighting and Transportation) required for a comfortable indoor environment.

Course Synopsis

The course will be delivered through a combination of lectures and site visits (where required) to give the students a hand on experience with building structures. The weekly lectures are divided to a build a proper scheme for students to understand the structural elements step by step from the fundamental to practical application.

Course Learning Outcomes

The architects must have a sound knowledge of structures while designing their projects. This course will give the students a hand on experience with the development of structural drawings in practical field. They will be introduced to Conceptual understanding of basic structural systems and structural requirements and their behavior under different loading conditions for architectural design

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