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Course Contents

The course requires the understanding of students through lectures and practical assessments of water supply, sanitation, fire fighting system and equipment, safety and security systems in a building. The understanding of installation methods and the knowledge of their maintenance over the life span also includes in the designing of this course. Universally accessible buildings and their vertical and horizontal transportation systems such as elevators, escalators, conveyors/power walks. The mechanisms of these transportation systems would be the core of the subject. The layout do’s and don’ts in case of emergency, the designing of proper sanitation of residential and public buildings and the criteria of adding vertical and horizontal transport systems would be the focus point of the course.

Course Synopsis

The course Building Services and Systems – II is in the curriculum to make students capable of understanding the systems in a building that needs to be introduced to make it efficient, useable and safe. These services can not at all be an afterthought and have to be planned while designing any building. So it is important to make students understand that building design is not only about fulfilling it’s functional requirements but is also about planning its services and introducing the required amount of systems in order to make the building ready for practical usage.

Course Learning Outcomes

To make students realize the importance of handling the water supply systems and sanitation systems in a building. II. The realization of the Importance of proper sanitation systems in residential as well as public buildings. III. The proper planning of emergency escapes in case of fire in a built space and the mechanical systems required for prevention, reduction and evacuation in the case of fire. IV. The criteria of setting a right number of emergency exits considering the user load in an architectural space. V. To make students familiar with improving the emergency escapes in an already utilized entity for emergency evacuation. VI. The criteria for adding vertical transportation systems in a building, the calculation on the basis of user loads and the maintenance throughout the life of the building.

Fire Fighting in a Building

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How does an Escalator work?

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Book Title : Building Services Handbook
Author : Fred Hall and Roger Greeno
Edition : 4th
Publisher :
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Book Title : Building Design And Construction
Author : Frederick S. Merritt and Jonathan T. Ricketts
Edition : 6th
Publisher :
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