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Course Contents

The course programme is delivered through a combination of inspirational lectures and hands-on workshops and a showroom visit and specialist talks. Tutors are professional interior designers or industry specialists. In addition to talks on colour, wall and floor coverings, textiles, trimmings, window treatments, lighting and accessories, students will be introduced to space planning, kitchen and bathroom design and shown how to work with scale and create impact. They will also learn how to use colour effectively and develop a scheme using pattern and texture and how and where to source materials and finishes. An exciting aspect is a process of accessing creativity and developing themes to provide a cohesive result. In addition to an introduction to the key subject of lighting, there is also a valuable brief overview of co-ordinating a project and how to work successfully with contractors and ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Course Synopsis

The Introduction to Interior Design is ideal for anyone with little or no knowledge of interior design, looking for a practical and inspiring first step into the world of interior design and decoration, whether for a specific project or just for their own interest. While it is not directly aimed at those seeking to gain a professional qualification and work in the industry, it could provide a valuable first step for anyone considering more in-depth study and a career in interior design. With no need to commit to more than one day a week it can easily be fitted around an architectural studio.

Course Learning Outcomes

As an Interior Designer, one must stop to imagine, to reflect, and to discover what is most important in life. Intentions and values should be clear in order to design every space to its full extent. The best designs in the world are based on purpose and function. When a design solves a functional problem as simply and elegantly as possible, the resulting form will be honest and timeless. Foremost among the things that make Interiorologie unique is the belief that your home is a statement of your style. We measure the success of an interior design project by the emotional experience, visual impact, relationships, meeting the budget, and overcoming logistical challenges.

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