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The types explored in this studio have greater complexity of function and in addition emphasis is placed on building envelope in terms of form massing, articulation and fenestration. Project will address problems in circulation, significance of social, economic and physical environment as well as techniques of interior and landscape design. Use of computer aided design is a part of the design exploration. The projects will be done on the basis of implementation of architectural elements and principles to generate building envelops. They will learn to develop a strong relationship between form and function. The computer aided design will help to develop building envelops and to apply building simulations.

Course Synopsis

The nature of the projects during this semester will be more complex in terms of function and building envelops. The emphasis will be on the form massing, articulation and fenestration with the application of building materials. The impacts of social, economic and physical environment on the building forms will be the main objective of the course. The behavior of the interior and exterior spaces and problems of the circulation will be lectured and practiced.

Course Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to design more complex buildings developing strong relationship between interior and exterior spaces. They will learn to develop architectural forms with the application of architectural elements and architectural principles. They will learn to develop interior spaces by using techniques of interior design and similarly they will learn to design exterior and outdoor spaces by using landscape soft and hard landscape elements maintaining the social values. They will learn to apply building simulations to design energy efficient buildings. At the same time, students will learn application of software to orient and design complex structures.


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Book Title : Time-Saver Standards
Author : Joseph De Chiara, John Hancock Callender
Edition : 1973
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Education
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Book Title : Design drawing
Author : Ching, F. D., & Juroszek
Edition :
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons.
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Book Title : Form, space, and order
Author : Ching, F. D
Edition : 2014
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
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