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Course Contents

Introduction, Term symbols, Russel Sander’s coupling scheme, Development of correlation and Tanabe-sugano diagram, Ligand field spectra of octahedral complexes, Absorption spectra of coordination compounds, Band assignments and interpretation of absorption spectra of complexes, Charge transfer spectra, Spectra of low symmetry complexes, Magneto chemistry.

Course Synopsis

The course focuses on the basic theoretical concepts relevant to electronic spectroscopy.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students would be able to interpret the various transitions occurring in metal complexes. The difference between the low symmetry and high symmetry complexes and the variations in their electronic spectra the charge transfer complexes etc.

term symbols

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Russel Saunders coupling

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point group

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Book Title : Inorganic electronic spectroscopy
Author : A.B. P. Liver
Edition :
Publisher : McGraw & Hill

Book Title : Molecular symmetry and group Theory
Author : A. Vincent
Edition : 2nd edition
Publisher : John Wiley and Sons

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