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Course Contents

Course contents: Sequencing of genomes and sequencing methods (Pyro-sequencing, automatic capilary sequencing machines, next-generation sequencing). General/main databases of genomes. Basic approaches of functional genomics, reverse and forward genetics. Insertional mutagenesis in forward and reverse genetics, EMS mutagenesis, identification of mutated loci via map-based cloning. Evolution of human genome and structural variations (STR, VNTR, SNP). Genomics of human diseases, nutritional genomics, epigenomics and methods of epigenomics. Main online databases (InterPro, UniProt, Pride, Pfam). Similarity, homology, local and global sequences assignment. Substitution matrices (PAM, BLOSUM). Prediction of protein structure and RNA and structure alignment of proteins. Books recommended: 1. Gerald Carp. Cell and Molecular Biology concepts and Experiments.John Willey and Sons Publications. 2. Brown T. A. 1998. Molecular Biology Lab .FEX. 2nd Ed. Academic Press Publication. Tortora et al. 2001. Microbiology an introduction. 7th Ed. Benjanium Lumming. 3. Vyas SP and Kohli DV 20004. Methods in Biotechnology and Bioengineering. CSB Publishers.

Course Synopsis

The course covers different sequencing techniques of genome and proteins. The will understand the reverse and forward genetics.Mutations and structure variations (STR, VNTR, SNP). The second part of thecourse covers the use of different algorithms for the Prediction of protein structure a RNA and structure alignment of proteins.

Course Learning Outcomes

After covering this course the student will know the advance techniques of sequencing and homology search of genome as well as proteins. They will understand the detection of mutation, locus of mutation and the types of mutations involved in certain pathological conditons. They will be able to use different databasis (InterPro, UniProt, Pride, Pfam, clustal w and clustal x) as well as different structure prediction softwares present online.

structural variations in genome

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BLAST analysis

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assignment: Align 2 sequences

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epigenetics intro

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epigenetic modifications

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Book Title : Bioinformatics Sequences and Genome Analysis
Author : David M.W
Edition : 2nd edition
Publisher : CSB publishers and distributors

Book Title : Bioinformatics methods and applications. Genomics, Proteomics and Drug discovery
Author : Rastogi et al
Edition : 2004
Publisher : Cord Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

Title : protein seq (basic)
Type : Presentation

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Title : protein seq (adv)
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Title : Pyrosequencing
Type : Presentation

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