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Course Contents

Nuclear Chemistry, principles,sources of nuclear radiation, Nuclear Track detectors, Etchants, kinetics and mechanism of track etching, Nuclear Materials, nuclear techniques, Tracers, radiation chemistry, kinetic study of radiolytic processes, Dosimetry (Physical and Chemical), Radiation Chemical yields, steady state and pulse radiolysis techniques, radiolytic study of gaseous, water, aqueous and organic systems, radiology.

Course Synopsis

The course contains the physical basis of nuclear structure and how the properties of the nucleus changes during radioactive decay. The different nuclear radiations, their interactions, and how they can be detected. Radiation properties and how these are used in chemical applications, and how different radiation interact with matter.Introduction to nuclear activation analysis, radiation chemistry, nuclear age-dating methods, nuclear reactors,and medical applications.

Course Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the students will be able to. 1. Know the radioactive decay processes and nuclear radiation 2. Understand the principles of producing and utilizing radioisotopes to be in chemical processes and medical fields. 3. Knows the principles of radiation hygiene and the interaction of radiation and matter. 4. Able to perform calculations in radiochemistry and utilize these in applied radiochemical sciences.

(Chaper 24) Nuclear chemistry

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units of radiation measurment

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Title : Radiation Chemistry
Type : Presentation

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