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Course Contents

 Culturing and isolation of bacteria  Streaking of bacteria on solid medium, serial dilution preparation  Colony count and cell count of bacteria  Long term Storage of bacterial cultures  Extraction of Genomic DNA  Extraction of Plasmid DNA  Quantification of DNA by spectrophotometer  Running DNA on Agarose gel  Comparing plasmids of different molecular weights using molecular weight markers.

Course Synopsis

This course includes Advance molecular biology practicals.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to culture bacteria and isolate DNA and use it further in their experiments (Running DNA on Agarose, Spectrophotometer quantification, PCR)

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Book Title : Cell and Molecular Biology concepts and Experiments
Author : Gerald Carp
Edition : 5th edition
Publisher : John Willey and Sons Publications.

Book Title : Molecular Biology Lab
Author : Brown T. A.
Edition : 1998
Publisher : Academic Press Publication

Book Title : Methods in Biotechnology and Bio-engineering.
Author : Vyas SP and Kohli
Edition : 5th edition
Publisher : CSB Publishers.

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