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Course Contents

Introduction, scope, history, limitations and applications of bioinformatics, bioinformatics alignment tools such as BLAST and FASTA will be covered an insight into the future challenges in Bioinformatics will be provided. Determination of genes, promoters, promoters termination and gene sequences and gene homology determination of primary secondary and tertiary structure of protein by computer programming, sequence comparison and determination of conserved regions and Macromolecules.

Course Synopsis

This course is an introductory course offered to the students of chemistry department who opt biohemistry in MS. The course covers sequence alignment, types of alignments (global and local), sequence homology, alignment tools BLAST and FASTA. Gene search and alignment of any given sequence with genes.

Course Learning Outcomes

After this course the students will be able to use different ways of sequence alignment, they will be able to design primers for their work, analyse these primers and insilico hybridization of these primers with the gene sequence. they will do BLAST analysis of any gene with query sequence.They will be able to go for advance courses of bioinformatics.

intro bioinformatics(basic-1.1)

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Sequence Alignment (intro-lec-3)

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Intro to Bioinformatics (basic-lect-1)

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scoring of seq, homology and dot matrix ppt 2

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Book Title : Basic Bioinformatics
Author : Ignacimuthu SJ
Edition : 3rd edition
Publisher : Narosha Publishing House.

Book Title : Introduction to Bioinformatics: A Theoretical and Practical Approach
Author : Krawetz. Stephen A
Edition : 2003
Publisher : Humana Press.

Title : primer designing
Type : Presentation

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