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Regulation of Metabolisms: Regulation by Enzymes: Enzymes Inhibition, Allosteric Regulation, Types of Mechanism of Enzymes Regulation, Flux Control analysis of Metabolic pathway, Biochemical Regulation of Metabolism by compatmentation. Regulation by Hormones: Mechanism of action of hormones, Primary and secondary messengers, Cyclic AMP and the second messenger hypothesis, the Adenylate Cyclase reaction and its reaction, camp-dependent protein kinase, cellular, Ca2+ levels, transport of Ca2+across plasma membrane, regulation of Ca2+ level by hormones, interaction between camp and Ca2+, phosphatidylinositol turnover and hormone action, mechanism of action of insulin and steroid hormones, chemistry, physiological effects and mechanism of action of growth factors.

Course Synopsis

This course contains detailed information related to metabolic regulation of biomolecules at different levels. Important regulatory mechanisms like enzyme inhibition and hormonal regulation will be discussed in detail. How different diseases occurs due to metabolic abnormalities will be focal point.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to understand links between different metabolisms as well as how abnormalities in these pathways cause serious diseases.

chapter 23 hormonal regulation

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Chapter 19 oxidation reduction

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Book Title : Biochemistry MS
Author : Donald Voet & Judith G. Voet
Edition : 4th Ed
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons INC
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Title : Glycogen metabolism
Type : Presentation

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