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Introduction to nano particles, nano clusters, nano composite, nano tubes. Nano technology. Polymerization, rate of analytical chemistry in nano technology sol-gel method for the synthesis of nano materials. Nanotechnology in biomaterial sciences. Current research effects to improve biomedical performance at the nanoscale. Soft biomaterials (structure and surface properties) consideration and future directions.

Course Synopsis

This course covers the basic principles associated with nanoscience and nanotechnology including the synthesis, characterization and applications of materials with an emphasis on recent technological breakthroughs in this field.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students will have the knowledge for different types of Nano materials, their synthesis methods and their biomedical applications.

Intro to Nanomaterials

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Properties of Nanomaterials

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Characterization of Naomaterials

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carbon nanotubes

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nano clusters

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synthesis of naomaterials

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Book Title : Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis
Author : B.K.Sharma
Edition : 6th, 2018
Publisher : Krishna Prakashan Media

Book Title : Instrumental Approach to chemical Analysis
Author : K .Srivastava, P.C. Jain
Edition : 4th, 2008
Publisher : S. Chand and Company Ltd.

Title : intro to Nanomaterials
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Title : Biomaterials
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Title : nano clusters
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Title : synthesis techniques
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Title : applications of nanomaterials
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