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Course Contents

Metal Organic frameworks Introduction, terminology, synthesis, structures, properties such as luminescence of MOFs, Applications: gas storage (H2 and CH4 storage) in MOFs, selective gas adsorption in MOFs, catalysis by MOFs etc. Chemistry of Boron Physical and chemical properties of boron, Importance of boron and its derivatives, refractory boron compounds, Advanced B-N compounds, boron halides, boron allyl compounds, B-O- derivatives, Boron Complexes, Boron polymers Advanced Water treatment and purification Water quality aspects (i.e. criterion water pollutants), assessment of criterion pollutants, Primary, secondary and tertiary treatments of water, Advanced disinfection processes (O3/UV), Principles of microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, membrane problems, Advanced oxidation process, ion exchange resins, selection of specific chemical process for contaminant removal

Course Synopsis

The course has been designed while keeping in view the three aspects of modern research in inorganic chemistry. Firstly MOFs have been included that are recently developed materials for various industrial applications. Secondly, Boron chemistry provides the basis for BNCT technology. and finally the focus will be on the advanced processes that can be adopted for economic and efficient treatment of water to conserve water resources.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to understand the latest techniques used to synthesize and characterize the MOfs, their underlying chemistry and applications. They would be able to understand the chemistry of BORON and various latest techniques introduced to treat the water and wastewater.

intro and synthesis of MOFs

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Week 2-3, lectures in the form of presentations, downloaded material and book

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Lectures, download material and book for course contents to be taught during 1st to 2nd week

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Lectures, download material and book for course contents to be taught during 1st to 2nd week

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Book Title : The chemistry of metal organic frameworks
Author : Stefen Kaskel
Edition :
Publisher : Wiley VCH
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Title : luminescent properties of MOFs
Type : Presentation

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Title : Gas storage
Type : Presentation

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Title : Catalysis by MOFs
Type : Presentation

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Title : Luminiscent mom reference material
Type : Other

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