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Theory: Concepts and needs of Land Use and Building control as a tool for implementation of Master plan and other Local plans. Zoning and development control. Processes and Procedures for implementation of building control. Procedural checks such as ownership verification, planning application forms, drawings, fees, No Objection Certification, advertisements etc. Issue and problems regarding land use and development control. Conformity with the development, lands use zoning, planning criteria, building bye laws, design guidelines, building line/parking requirement, chamfer requirement, construction over culverts etc. Demarcation and removal of encroachments. Dangerous buildings identification, management and/or demolation. Action against illegal buildings, Litigation involved in building control. Commercialization policy and its effectiveness. Private development schemes. Practical: Survey of various buildings, markets and plazas regarding the provision of parking space, building lines / setbacks etc. Identification of violation of planning standards and regulations. Evaluation of building and development control practices in the development authorities and municipal corporations.

Course Learning Outcomes

To familiarize with the methods and techniques for land use development control and building control.

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Title : Lecture 1: Introduction to Land use and building control
Type : Curriculum Book

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