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Theory: Introduction to Regional Planning; concept, need and objectives, planning regions, delineation of regions, districts as planning region. Overlapping administrative boundaries and management issues at local and regional level. Relationship between regional and national planning, importance of institutional coordination. Guidelines for the district and local level planning in Pakistan in relation to potential resources. District level Master Plan and local plans for rural sanitation, development of health and educational institutions, and service centers, Spatial distribution of central places - hierarchy of settlements and their utility in location of health, education and other services, Inter and intra-regional inequalities and regional development theories, spatial flows, rural-urban linkages, growth poles and regional growth. Preparation and presentation of regional plans and their implementation. Review of public sector programmes with particular reference to Pakistan. Practical: Critical evaluation of a Regional Plan, Identification of inter-regional and Intra-regional disparities. Preparation of regional / district plan

Course Learning Outcomes

To impart knowledge, skills and methodologies for district and regional planning.

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Book Title : The City Region in Western Europe
Author : Dickinson, E. Robert
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : London, Routledge

Book Title : Urban and Regional Planning
Author : Hall, Petter
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : England, Penguin

Book Title : Growth Centre in Spatial Planning
Author : Masely, Mald, J.,
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Oxford, Paragon

Book Title : Elements of Regional Economics
Author : Richardson, H. W
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : England, Penguin

Book Title : An Introduction to Regional Planning
Author : Glasson, John
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : London, Hutchison

Book Title : Housing and Physical Planning Department
Author : Govt. of Pakistan
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Regional Development Plan for Thal.

Book Title : Regional Policy Readings; Theory and Applications
Author : J. Friedmann
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : London, IT

Title : L2: Regionalization
Type : Presentation

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Title : L1 : what is regional Planning
Type : Presentation

View L1 : what is regional Planning

Title : L3; inter and intra regional perspective
Type : Presentation

View L3; inter and intra regional perspective

Title : L4: Von thunen Model
Type : Presentation

View L4: Von thunen Model

Title : L5: Rank size Rule
Type : Presentation

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Title : L6: Industrial Location Theory
Type : Presentation

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Title : L8: Economic Base Theory
Type : Presentation

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Title : L9: Growth Pole Theory
Type : Presentation

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Title : L10: Disrtict/Regional Plan
Type : Presentation

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