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Theory: Introduction to construction technologies and methodologies with emphasis on appropriate use of various building materials such as RCC, mud, lime, Cement, Bricks, Sand, Concrete, Building Blocks, pre-stressed and pre-cast members, Timber, Mild Steel, Cast iron, Brass and Aluminum etc. Strength of building materials. Construction technologies for engineered and non-engineered buildings. Introduction to site preparation, super and sub structures, finishing, stages and elements; doors and windows, floor, lintels. brick work and bonding, insitu precast and prefabricated construction systems. Infrastructure design; plumbing, electricity and gas points, insulation and fire protection. Conservation and retrofitting techniques for existing buildings. Health safety and environmental consideration; Design of earthquake resistant buildings; Disaster risk reduction measures. Practical: Drawing of various building components, Chart of characteristics of building materials. Small exercise in project planning, Site selection orientation and setting out for construction. Market analysis of ongoing construction technologies. Risk assessment of existing structures.

Course Learning Outcomes

To impart skill and techniques of construction technology as well as use of various construction materials

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Book Title : “Engineering Materials”
Author : Surendra Singh
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Prince Book Depot, Lahore

Book Title : “Building Construction”
Author : Arora, N. L and Gupta B. R,
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Malik Book Depot, Lahore

Book Title : Advance Building Construction Vi. I & II
Author : Barritt, C. M. H
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Longman, Essex

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