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Theory: Introduction to urban design. Three dimensional aspects physical design which includes visual and un-visual aspects of built environment. Role of peoples, participation, culture and traditions in urban design. Definition, relationship with allied subjects. Urban design process, outstanding features of urban design from the old and modern concept; typical examples of planning and design of Islamic cities, urban form. Urban design in the context of town planning. The key parameters which effect the physical design. Studies for urban design. Visual surveys, basic elements and other facts of form such Land forms, climate, shape, size and density, pattern, grain and texture, vistas, skylines and social aspects. Principles of urban designs; scale, urban mass, activity and circulation. Urban design techniques. Urban aesthetics, space, street furniture and landscape design. Responsive environments. Practical: A typical site planning and design project (involving site observation, analysis and graphic presentation of data, site preparation, site structure diagram, Landscaping and development).

Course Learning Outcomes

To inculcate neighborhood and public building planning and designing skills to planners and their harmonization into urban fabric

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Book Title : Social Life of Small Urban Space
Author : Whyte H. William
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Washington, Conservation Press.

Book Title : Making Micro Plans
Author : Goethest Richard
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : G. Britman

Book Title : The Image of the City
Author : Lynch Kevin
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Cambridge

Book Title : Site Planning
Author : Lynch KevinGray Hacks
Edition : 3rd Edition
Publisher : Cambridge.

Book Title : Site Planning for Cluster Housing
Author : Richard Unterman and Robbers Small
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Van Nostrend Reinfold Co. New York

Book Title : Time Sever Standards for Urban Design
Author : Donald Watson et.al,
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : McGraw Hill.

Title : Introduction to Urban Design
Type : Presentation

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Title : Urban Design Principles
Type : Presentation

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Title : The Image of the City
Type : Presentation

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Title : Elements of Urban Design
Type : Presentation

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Title : Urban Design Process
Type : Presentation

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Title : Urban Design Characteristics
Type : Presentation

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Title : Urban Design Techniques
Type : Presentation

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Title : Islamic Planning
Type : Presentation

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