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Theory: The field of Cartography and Planning; Essentials of mapping: Co-ordinate system, Plane Spherical; Rectangular, Latitude and Longitude; Scales: Representative Fraction, graphic and area scale; scale of factor determination and change of map scale; Map types with respect to scale and use; content and presentation techniques; Map Symbols; Thematic maps; Photogrammetry: Characteristics of Aerial Photographs Interpretation of Mosaics; Introduction to Remote Sensing: Definition and History, Physical Basis; Spatial, temporal and spectral aspects; Sensor Systems (Space and airborne); Platforms (Types and Orbital Characteristics); Thermal Infrared; Introduction to Microwave (Importance and applications); Digital Image Processing (Over view of computer based image processing). Practical: Assignments on graphic scales; Map compilation; Scale enlargement and reduction; Study and interpretation of topographic sheets; Cadastral Maps (Massavies and, Khasra plans etc.); image interpretation, False color composite, Visual Interpretation of satellite images and aerial photographs; Various sensors data comparison; Thermal Infrared Image interpretation; Introduction to image processing software e.g. ERDAS Imagine (display, Geo-linking, Zooming, Identification of targets etc.).

Course Learning Outcomes

To impart skills and techniques for mapping and use of emerging technologies like remote sensing for planning

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Title : L3: Map Designing Principles
Type : Presentation

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Title : L1 : Introduction to Mapping
Type : Presentation

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Title : L2: Mapping Essentials
Type : Presentation

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Title : L4: Classification of maps
Type : Presentation

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Title : L5: Image Interpretation
Type : Presentation

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Title : L6: Map Generalization and Symbols
Type : Presentation

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Title : L7: Introduction to Remote Sensing
Type : Presentation

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Title : L8: EMR in Remote sensing
Type : Presentation

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Title : L9: Multi spectral Scanner
Type : Presentation

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Title : L10: Arial Photography
Type : Presentation

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