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Theory: Basic concepts in physical and human geography and their application in city and regional planning, impacts of physical factors such as topography, hydrology, climate, flora and fauna, and natural hazards on the growth and expansion of cities and their region, physical factors in development of human settlements in Pakistan. Physio graphic and climatic regions of Pakistan, location and geographical space in the distribution of cities. Study of spatial distribution of population and economic activities in cities, Population distribution and demographic structure of cities, day and night time population and their significance in city planning, Functional classification of cities, industrial, commercial, mining, tourist and religious towns, Cities as central places, Basic and non-basic and formal and informal functions and their role in growth and development of cities, Morphology, land uses and structure of cities, Concentric zone, sector and multiple nuclei theories, Urban growth and urban sprawl, causes, affects and control of urban sprawl. Practical: Field visit for understanding various places and land forms for understanding the concepts of applied geography, and field report writing / term paper, etc.

Course Learning Outcomes

To impart geographical skills and techniques for city and regional planning.

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