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Theory: Concepts and need of professional ethics and norms of good governance including accountability, transparency, rule of law, confidentiality etc. Role and responsibilities of professional bodies in promoting professional ethics, PCATP code of conduct. Entrepreneurship skill and professional ethics. Interaction between planners and stakeholders in the city and region such as politicians, bureaucrats/ administrators, media, judiciary, academia, NGOs and civil society. Resolution of conflicts in the implementation of plans. Planning contract documents / agreements, fee structure, arbitration. Tenders, contracts etc. procurement of goods and human resources; Social and ethical audit of development plans and their implementation.

Course Learning Outcomes

To inculcate planning ethics and equip with tools for successful practice in planning profession.

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Book Title : Managing the Professional Practice in the Built Environment
Author : Hedley Smyth
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : John Wiley Ltd. Sons, Wiley-Blackwell, USA.

Book Title : Values in professional practice: lessons for health, social care, and other professionals
Author : Stephen Pattison, Roisin Pill
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Radcliffe Publishing Ltd. UK.

Book Title : Professional Practice (Estimating and Evolution),
Author : Namavati Roshan
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Union Book Stall, Karachi

Book Title : Handbook
Author : PCATP
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : PCATP

Book Title : Planning in the face of power
Author : John Forester
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : University of California Press, USA.

Book Title : American Society of Civil Engineers
Author : Journal of professional practice
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Department of Conditions of practice, USA.

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