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Theory: Introduction to building forms and functions. Building orientation and climatic control. Introduction to design methodologies and theories; Development of design brief and project programmes; design of residential, educational, commercial, recreational and public buildings; design standards and space requirements; siting and contextual analysis of buildings. Introduction to ecodesign and green buildings. Principles of Aesthetics in design. Survey of key monuments and architectural icons. Socio-cultural, economic and political aspects in architectural design. Practical: Exercises in architectural design. Solid void analysis of buildings; Design of houses for various plot sizes and of flats. Design of commercial and institutional buildings.

Course Learning Outcomes

To understand contextual relationships of building to sites and to develop basic understanding of architectural design.

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Book Title : Form, Space and Order
Author : Ching, Francis D K
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Inc., New Jersey

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