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Theory: Communication through road, railways, water-ways, air and their influence upon national, regional and local development. Urban circulation, Land use and traffic interaction, Travel time, Mass transit systems, and Inter model systems. Development of road system, Design of roads in relation to different types of traffic and buildings, including road width; traffic lanes and means of access; service roads and lay-byes. Segregation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, planning of roads in relation to existing features such as trees and streams. Traffic and parking surveys and their interpretation. Park and ride. Traffic capacity and its regulation. Requirement of different types of traffic, moving and stationary. Transport terminals; Planning of road junctions and intersections to facilitate free flow of traffic with safety and comfort for all users. Appropriate siting and planning of car parks and garages (including mechanical methods) above and below ground; petrol filling stations and service areas. Airport approach requirements, Factors affecting the location and planning of airports. Practical: Traffic and parking surveys; Travel time and delay studies. Hot-spot surveys.

Course Learning Outcomes

To impart skills and techniques for transportation planning including public transport.

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