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Theory: Social groups, Typology, Nature, Patterns of interaction, social and cultural values. Social control, Attitude, perception and Behavior symbols. Prejudices and taboos, Collective behavior, Group expectations, Social structures, Status, Class, Role, Social stratification. Age, Sex, Marital Composition, Fertility, Mortality, components of demographic change, Urban society, Behavior and personality, Formal and informal association, Bureaucratic organization. Kinship relations, Institution, Social processes and values and norms. Rural culture. Social processes and social change in population. viz: transformation and natural increase, characteristics and effect of growth trend on housing, utilities and community facilities. Significance of family; Household and social institutions in Urban planning. Household, Income, Dependency ratio and Employment pattern.

Course Learning Outcomes

To abreast with basic concepts and theories of sociology and its relation with planning.

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Book Title : Introducing Sociology
Author : Worsley, Petet ed
Edition : 2nd Edition
Publisher : England, Penguin

Book Title : Urban Economics, a Set Approach, London,
Author : Lewis, J. Parry
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Edward Arnold

Book Title : Economics of Town and Country Planning, London,
Author : Willis, K.G.
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Grenada Press.

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