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Course Contents

Theory: Introduction to drawing instruments and scales. Drafting techniques. Measured drawings. Plan, Elevation and Section of buildings. Solid geometry. Introduction to Perspective of a building and group of buildings. Rendering Techniques: primary and secondary colours. Preparation of land use, density and sub-division maps. Orthographic projection and orthogonal projections of simple solid in simple position. Oblique and auxiliary planes. Isometric and pictorial projections of solid figures, making of free hand sketches from solid objects and from orthographic projections. Intersection of surfaces. Development of surfaces. Basic concepts of computer use in Town Planning. Concepts of digital drafting and drawing. Introduction to latest software like Auto CAD, Revit, Sketch-up, BIM etc. Practical: Units, Scale and Limits; Drawing tools; Drawing different objects accurately; Polylines, fills and hatching; Editing and modifying drawings; Dimensions and text in a drawing; Viewing drawings; 3D Modeling, Shading and Rendering; Printing or plotting a drawing.

Course Learning Outcomes

To impart skills in technical drawings with understanding of scale through manual and computer aided designs.

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