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Course Contents

Theory: Introduction, Definitions, Key components, Functional Subsystem, Raster Data Model, Vector Data Model, Attribute Data Model, Data Acquisition Techniques, Data sources, Data capturing techniques and procedures, Data Transformation, Visualization of spatial data, Layers and Projections, Map Design: Symbols to Portray Points, Lines and Volumes, Graphic Variables, Visual Hierarchy, Data Classification Graphic Approach, Mathematical Approach, Spatial Analysis: Overlay Analysis ,Spatial analysis, Neighborhood functions, Network and overlay analysis, buffering, Spatial data Quality: Components of Data Quality, Micro Level Components, Macro Level Components, Errors, and data accuracy. Practical: Introduction to GIS Lab (hardware/software), Raster/Vector/Attribute Data Display, Scanning, Digitization, Coordinate based point mapping, Raster/Vector Conversion, Data layer integration and display of different projections, Map layout, Data Classification and Thematic mapping, Handling with Topological Errors, Overlay and network analysis.

Course Learning Outcomes

To introduce basic concepts, tools and techniques in GIS.

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Book Title : “An introduction to Geographic Information System”,
Author : Heywood, I., Cornelius, S. and Carver, S.
Edition : 3rd Edition
Publisher : Addison Wesley Longman, New York

Book Title : "Geographic Information Systems: A Management Perspective"
Author : Aronoff, S.
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Book Title : “Getting started with Geographic Information System”
Author : Clarke, K.
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Book Title : “Principles of Geographic Information Systems for Land Resources Management”
Author : Burrough, P.,
Edition : 2nd Edition
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Book Title : “Principles of Geographic Information Systems”
Author : McDonald, R. and Burrough, P.
Edition : 2nd Edition
Publisher : Oxford University Press

Book Title : “The history of Geographic Information System”
Author : Foresman, T.
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Prentice Hall, New York

Book Title : Geographic Information Systems – An Introduction
Author : Bernhardsen, Tor,
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Publisher : John Wiley and Sons Inc., New York

Book Title : Concepts and Techniques of Geographic Information Systems. Upper Saddle River
Author : Lo, C. P. and Yeung, A. K. W.
Edition : Latest Edition
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Book Title : Geographic Information Systems: an Introduction
Author : Jeffrey Star and John Estes
Edition : Latest Edition
Publisher : Prentice Hall, Toronto.

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