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Quantitative and qualitative estimations: Estimation of silica in a given sample of silicate; Quantitative estimation of copper (II), calcium (II) and chloride in a mixture; Simultaneous determination of chromium and manganese in a solution by visible spectroscopy. Separation and estimation of metal ions from the binary mixture solutions by using volumetric and gravimetric method Copper- Nickel, Iron- Magnesium; Analysis of Solder alloy Synthesis and Spectral characterization of Organometallic/coordination complexes: tris-triphenylphosphine copper (I) nitrate tris-acetylacetonato iron (III) potassium bis(peroxo)-oxo- (1, 10- phenanthroline) vanadium (V) trihydrate bis-dichlorotriphenyl phosphine nickel (II) Ligand synthesis for multimetal complex: Preparation of bis- (N,N-disalicylidene ethylenediamine) μ-aquo-dicobalt Non-metal complex: Synthesis and characterization of bispyridine iodide nitrate, Preparation of phosponitryl chloride (PNCl2)3 and its derivatives Nano-chemistry: Preparation of manganese dioxide and nickel nanoparticles

Course Synopsis

The course focuses on various laboratory techniques that would help the graduate students to perform their research and make them well verse in handling of lab ware and laboratory equipment while taking care of good lab practices.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students would be able to understand and learn various basic experimental techniques of inorganic chemistry To use various advanced instruments, To learn data handling to interpret the data acquired after experimentation To report the results in a systematic way.

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Book Title : quantitative inorganic analysis
Author : I. Vogels
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Title : practicals 1, 2
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