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Course Contents

1. Introduction to Philosophy: Meaning, Scope, Objectives and Problems of Philosophy 2. Impacts of Philosophy on Society. 3. An introduction of ancient philosophical thoughts: Hindu philosophy, Greek philosophy, Cosmological thinkers, Sophists thought, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. 4. Role of Muslim philosophers in the growth of philosophy. 5. Renowned Muslim philosophers: AlKindi, AlFarabi, AlGhazali, IbneRushd, IbneTamya, Shah Waliullah, Allama Iqbal 6. Important problems of philosophy in the light of Islam: Concept of life, Reason and Revelation, Virtue and Vice 7. Comparative Philosophy: Philosophy and Religion, Philosophy and Science, Philosophy and Knowledge.

Course Synopsis

This course is designed to give students basic knowledge about philosophical concepts and problems. As religion is based on faith and Philosophy on reason so it is the need of the time that students of religious studies must have acquaintance with the philosophical concepts and problems. Works of important Muslim philosophers are taught to make them know how Muslim philosophers syncretism religion and philosophy.

Course Learning Outcomes

After studying this course students are in better position to justify their religious beliefs reasonably and establish a link between Faith and reason.

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Book Title : muslim falsfa
Author : khalique abdul shahedai yousaf
Edition :
Publisher : aziz book depot. lahore

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