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Frequency distribution, exercise frequency distribution, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion and measures of location. Second part of the study will cover the areas of statistical hypothesis and significance, null and alternative hypothesis, confidence interval, tests involving binomial distribution, tests involving normal distribution, F-distribution, student’s t-distribution, chi-square test, tests of independence and contingency tables. In the third part lectures will cover the following topics: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), LSD test, experimental designs, Completely Randomized Design (CRD), Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD), Latin Square Design, Markov chains and Models and their applications in Bioinformatics such as gene predication, sequence analysis, profile HMMs, probabilistic approaches to phylogeny, etc.

Course Synopsis

To acquaint students with statistical techniques frequently used in biology to process real data

Student's T test

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One way ANOVA and Post hoc using SPSS

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F test Exercise by using Excel

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Title : Introduction of biostatics
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Title : Data Presentation
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Title : Data Sampling
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Title : F Distribution
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Title : Review of basic techniques
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Title : Statistical Hypothesis
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Title : Confidence Interval
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Title : Probability distribution
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Title : Chi Square Test
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Title : Contingency table
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Title : T test
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Title : Experimental design
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Title : Anova
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Title : DMRT test
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Title : Probability and Biostat
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