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1. INTRODUCTION AND SCOPE 1.1 Definition & Importance of Statistics, 1.2 Basic concepts of Statistics, Population & sample, parameter & Statistic, Variables, Types of variables, Constant, Univariate and bivariate data, Descriptive and Inferential Statistics, Observations, Discrete and continuous variables, Random sampling, Sampling error 1.3 Scales of Measurement 2. PRESENTATION OF DATA 2.1 Introduction, Basic principles of classification and tabulation, 2.2 Construction of a frequency distribution, Relative and Cumulative frequency distribution, 2.3 Diagrams and Graphs and their construction, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Histogram, Frequency Polygon 2.4 Normal distribution curve & Skewness 2.5 Population and Sample Graphs. 3. MEASURES OF CENTRAL TENDENCY 3.1 Introduction, 3.2 Arithmetic Mean and weighted arithmetic mean, 3.3 Median 3.4 Mode, 3.5 Uni modal, Bimodal, Tri modal distributions, Major & Minor mode 3.6 Empirical relation between Mean, Median and Mode, 3.7 Merit and Demerits of various Averages, 3.8 Definition of outliers and their detection. 4. MEASURES OF DISPERSION 4.1 Introduction, 4.2 Range, 4.3 Quartile, 4.4 Interquartile and Semi Inter-Quartile Range, 4.5 Variance 4.6 Standard Deviation, Interpretation of Standard Deviation, 5. CORRELATION 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Magnitude, direction and form of relationship 5.3 Use of Correlation 5.4 Pearson Product Moment Method 5.5 Spearman Rank order Correlation

Course Synopsis

The course will provide an understanding of basic statistical and mathematical tools. This course covers basic statistical methods mainly descriptive statistics, tabulation and graphical representation of data, Measures of central tendency, Measures of Variability and correlation.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to learn What Statistics is? What are the important concepts and notations in Statistics. What are scales of measurement and which data fall in which category? In the end students will have mastery on descriptive research


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Scales of Measurement

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Book Title : Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
Author : Gravetter & Wallnau
Edition : 9th Edition
Publisher : Wadsworth Cengage Learning

Title : Mode
Type : Presentation

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Title : Measures of Variability
Type : Presentation

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